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What is it?

Generators can aide if power is lost to keep the property. Most Generators are used as a back up power source. They are also used when people decide not to be supplied power by local power plants. In these applications the generator will co-exist with solar panels.

Why you need it?

Nobody likes a power outage, but when you have a generator for back up power it can remove a lot of stress from your life. Our goal when installing the generators Is to make life manageable if power is lost. No switches need to be turned on or adventures outside in the dark to star them up. When designing the system, we like to hit the essentials, power to any refrigerators/freezers units, home lighting, convenience receptacle and pump stations if applicable.

What we do?

Permits, design and Installation. We DO NOT preform maintenance on generators. Any maintain please use Bay City Electric Works. We service Commercial and Residential customers.